Remote Tuition

We offer Dutch language tuition via Skype or Zoom for those who do not live locally to our school in Oxford.


  1. Dutch language remote tuition can be arranged at times convenient to both you and the teacher.
  2. Lessons will only be rescheduled if you provide at least 24 hours notice.
  3. If you do not connect via Skype/Zoom or cancel with less than 24 hours notice then the lesson will not be rescheduled.
  4. Remote tuition may be at any level and will use the same teaching material used in our distance learning Dutch courses.
  5. We may post/email you the material for you to prepare each lesson in advance.
  6. You will then ring the teacher via Skype or join the given Zoom meeting for your Dutch tuition at the agreed time.
  7. Having structured course material will help you get the most out of the remote tuition.
  8. Some exercises will need to be completed on your own after the lesson and returned by post/email for marking.
  9. The teacher will then mark and return your completed work by post/email and include material for the next lesson.
  10. The cost of the teaching material is included in the price.

Skype/Zoom Connection

  1. It is important that you have a good quality Skype/Zoom connection and working webcam before each lesson.
  2. Please test your Skype connection before each lesson using the Skype testing service (Skype address: echo123).
  3. Also test that your webcam is working using the Skype video settings options (Tools -> Options -> Video Settings).
  4. If you have problems making a connection to us via Skype/Zoom then please telephone immediately so we can help you.
  5. If your connection problems persist then the lesson will continue by telephone where possible.

Skype Tuition (1-2-1) - 1 hour


+ postage (UK £1.00, Europe £3.80, World £3.80)

One hour of Dutch language tuition via Skype.

Skype Tuition (1-2-1) - 10 hours


+ postage (UK £10.00, Europe £25.00, World £40.00)

Ten hours of Dutch language tuition via Skype. 5% discount.

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