IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is the internationally available equivalent of the GCSE. The examination board CIE offer an IGCSE Dutch - Foreign Language.

IGCSE Foreign Language Dutch (0515)

The final sitting of this exam will be in Spring 2021. As exams are not being sat in the UK this year, it will only available in CIE International centres.

This qualification is designed for students for whom Dutch is a foreign language. The examinations take place once per year in the summer and consist of four papers: Listening, Reading and Directed Writing, Speaking, and Continuous Writing. These exams are at about the same level as the English GCSE Dutch exams set by the OCR examination board.

IGCSE Dutch Examination

You should be able to sit your IGCSE Dutch examinations at most examination centres around the world who are registered with the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and who are willing to accept you as a candidate.

You will need to contact examinations centres directly to make arrangements to sit IGCSE Dutch exams with them.

ALL candidates completing a IGCSE Dutch speaking examination with the Dutch Language School will be required to complete our IGCSE Dutch Speaking Exam Preparation UNLESS they are following one of our IGCSE Dutch courses (which include this preparation).

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