About Us

The Dutch Language School was established in 2001 to promote the Dutch language and Dutch culture and aims to provide high quality teaching & tuition in the Dutch language.

We believe that Dutch is an easy language to learn for English speakers (compared to say French, German or Spanish) having a straightforward grammar and many of the same or similar words to English.

The head teacher and founder of the Dutch Language School is Karin de Wijs. Karin is a Dutch national and Dutch native speaker who originates from the town of 's Hertogenbosch in the south of the Netherlands. She graduated in 1986 as a secondary school teacher from the Fontys Hogescholen in Tilburg (formerly Moller Instituut) specialising in Dutch and Social Studies.

Since then Karin has taught Dutch at language schools in the Netherlands, Belgium and England, including at the European School near Oxford.

In addition to running the Dutch Language School Karin also teaches Dutch at the Oxford University Language Centre.

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