Language Resources

Resources to help improve your Dutch:


  1. Bay Foreign Language Books

    A UK based bookshop specialising in foreign language books.


    An online bookshop based in the Netherlands.

  3. Intertaal

    An online bookshop specialising in language books.

  4. Van Dale

    A publisher specialising in dictionaries.

  5. Grant & Cutler

    A UK based bookshop specialising in foreign language books.

Translation Dictionaries

  1. Mini-woordenboek Engels - Nederlands / Nederlands - Engels (Van Dale, 2009)

    A well laid out mini dictionary. Specifies the gender of nouns. (ISBN: 9789066483279)

  2. Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels (Van Dale, 2013)

    A paperback Dutch to English Dictionary. Specifies the gender of nouns. (ISBN: 9789460770531)

  3. Pocketwoordenboek Engels-Nederlands (Van Dale, 2013)

    A paperback English to Dutch Dictionary.(ISBN: 9789460770654)

  4. Groot woordenboek Nederlands-Engels (Van Dale, 2014)

    The very best (hardback) Dutch to English dictionary in two volumes. (ISBN: 9789460771811)

  5. Groot woordenboek Engels-Nederlands (Van Dale, 2014)

    The very best (hardback) English to Dutch dictionary in two volumes. (ISBN: 9789460771804)

Dutch Dictionaries

  1. Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands als tweede taal (NT2) (Van Dale, 2003)

    A well laid out paperback Dutch Dictionary. (ISBN: 9789066488564)

  2. Woordenboek Nederlands (Prisma, 2008)

    An excellent paperback Dutch dictionary for more advanced students. All keywords are printed in blue, the gender of nouns are given, and accented vowels are underlined.

Dutch Grammar Books

  1. Concise Dutch Grammar ( Wolters Noordhoff, 2003 )

    An excellent Dutch Grammar for students learning Dutch as a foreign language. In English. (ISBN: 9001137997)


  1. Omroep

    The Dutch public broadcasting corporation equivalent to the BBC.

  2. Uitzending Gemist

    Wide range of archived radio and television programs.

  3. Radio 1 Netherlands

    A general news and sports station, with live broadcast.

  4. Radio 4 Netherlands

    Popular classical, opera, chamber music, jazz, and live concerts.

  5. Radio 1 Belgium

    Live radio or archived radio programs.


  1. NOS Nieuws

    A selection of text, audio, and video news from this Dutch broadcaster.

  2. Jeugdjournaal

    The latest Dutch and world news prepared for children.

  3. Uitzending Gemist

    A range of archived tv and radio programs.

  4. VTM Nieuws

    Lastest news and weather from this Belgian TV broadcaster.


  1. Antonia's Line

    A portrait of an unconventional and strong woman, who raises her daughter by herself while opening her home to a variety of lost souls. A simple story much enhanced by fine acting. (1995, 104 minutes, 15, Marleen Gorris, Dutch with English subtitles) Highly recommended

  2. Character

    Character won the 1997 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It is beautifully filmed with a gripping story depicting a bleak 1920s Rotterdam. (1998, 114 minutes, 18, Mike van Diem, Dutch with English subtitles) Highly recommended

  3. The Northerners

    A bizarre but funny black comedy about the Catholic residents of an isolated street in Holland in the 1960s. (1992, 102 minutes, 15, Alex van Warmerdam, Dutch with English subtitles) Recommended


  1. De Volkskrant

    A quality Dutch national newspaper.

  2. De Standaard

    A quality Flemish Newspaper.

  3. Brabants Dagblad

    A regional paper for the Dutch province of Brabant.

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