Exams - AS-Level

The Advanced Subsidiary General Certificate of Education (or AS-Level) is a qualification that is approximately midway between GCSE and A-Level and forms the first half of the Advanced GCE (A-Level) course in terms of teaching time and content. The A-Level Dutch was withdrawn in Summer 2019.

While the A-Level Dutch has been withdrawn, the Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language (CNaVT) is the internationally recognised equivalent for Dutch.

The CNaVT provides a series of qualifications that start at the IGCSE level and continue up to a bilingual standard. A student of an AS-Level standard would be expected to be between the A2 and B1 levels. They could take either the "A2 - Maatschappelijk Informeel (INFO)" or "B1 - Maatschappelijk Formeel (FORM)" exams.

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