IGCSE Dutch Mock Examinations (all papers on Saturday 26/01/2019)

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You will sit all four IGCSE Dutch mock exams with us in Oxford on 26/01/2019 .

The reading, writing, and listening mock exams will be scheduled between 9.45am and 1.20pm.

Individual mock speaking exams will be scheduled between 2.15pm and 5.00pm.

These mock examinations include exam papers, marking and a brief report indicating what you have done well and how you can improve.

We aim to post your marked papers and report within 7 working days of sitting the exams.

ALL candidates completing a IGCSE Dutch mock speaking examination with the Dutch Language School will be required to complete our IGCSE Dutch Speaking Exam Preparation UNLESS following one of our IGCSE Dutch courses (which include this preparation).

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