Distance Learning A-Level Dutch Course - 20 Lessons

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This distance learning home study course is designed to prepare you for the A-Level Dutch examinations in 2019 and is aimed at achieving a top grade.

This course will suit you if you have already have a level in Dutch close to A-Level Dutch standard and need help preparing for the exams in order to achieve a top grade.

The A-Level Dutch exams were taken for the last time in 2018 but there are resits in 2019.

As well as preparing you for the A-Level Dutch examinations this course also revises key areas of the Dutch grammar in preparation for the exams.

The course consists of:

  • 20 lessons covering topics from the A-Level Dutch syllabus.
  • Selected Dutch grammar covered by the A-Level Dutch syllabus.
  • The examination procedures, instructions, formats, and exam practise, etc.
  • Audio CDs with listening exercises.
  • Templates for all the homework exercises available online.
  • Homework correction by email.
  • Email support from a qualified Dutch teacher for 12 months. With the option to purchase extended support if needed.
  • Course progress status, including marks and grades, available online.
  • A half hour telephone session with the teacher at the end of each part of the course.
  • A specimen exam paper.

Course structure:

This course is designed to be completed in one academic year.

This course will prepare you for the AS-Level Dutch and A2-Level Dutch examinations set by the OCR examination board (codes F881 and F882).

Each lesson takes up to four hours of study to complete, and you may study at your own pace and send in your homework assignments when you are ready.

The course is delivered in three parts. Part 2 and part 3 will be delivered on completion of the preceding part.

We usually recommend that students begin this course in the autumn, say in September or October, to prepare for exams the following summer. However, you may start any time from the beginning of August until the beginning of January. The very latest starting date is the second week of January provided you are prepared to complete 2 lessons per week.

This course is suitable for adults and children from the age of about 16.

The cost of enrolling for the exams and any mock exams are not included with this course.

The A Level Dutch exams can not be taken at the Dutch Language School.

We will provide details of other OCR exam centres.

What you will need before starting this course:

  • Access to a computer (so that you can complete your homework assignments).
  • Access to the Internet (so you can access your homework templates and view your course status).
  • An email account (so that you can return your homework assignments and communicate with your teacher).
  • Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, or other word processing software that can display the "track changes" information created by Microsoft Word (for viewing your corrected homework assignments).
  • A CD player for the listening exercises.
  • An advanced level of proficiency in the Dutch language that is already close to A-Level standard. You should be able to use all of the areas of the Dutch grammar listed below. Some advanced areas of grammar (marked with A in the list below) will be taught explicitly as part of the course.
  • You will need to have your Dutch assesed by us. This will include completing one or more online Dutch tests, writing a passage in Dutch, and completing a short telephone conversation in Dutch. We will accept you onto this course based on your overall level in Dutch.

Dutch grammar you should be familiar with:

  • Nouns: Singular and plural forms, Adjectives used as nouns, Diminutives
  • Articles: Definite, indefinite
  • Adjectives: Adjectival endingsA, Comparative, Superlative
  • Adverbs: Time, Place, Quantifying adverbs, Interrogative adverbs, Er
  • Pronouns: Personal, Reflexive and reciprocal, RelativeA, Demonstrative, Indefinite, Possessive, Interrogative
  • Negation: Geen, niet
  • PrepositionsA
  • Conjunctions: Subordinating, Coordinating
  • Verbs: Regular & irregular, Reflexive verbs, Auxiliary verbsA, Modal verbs, Separable and inseparable verbs, Infinitive constructions, Imperative, Indirect speech, Passive voice, Present tense, Past tense, Present perfect tense, Past perfect tense, Future tense, Conditional tense
  • Clause structures: Main clause word orderA, Sub clause word orderA, Relative sub clausesA
  • Numerals

Price: £380.00

+ postage (UK £25.00, Europe £35.00, World £48.00)

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